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From 18 February 2017 To 26 March 2017
Strong magnetizations and imaginary numbered.


"Elsewhere is this close dream," wrote the Tunisian poet Amina Said. A place elsewhere in the heart of the plastic and aesthetic exploration that Caroline Trucco leads through a protean work, where photography, sculpture, installation, video and writing intersect. Impregnated with the poetics of the relationship, the artist feeds his reflections on exoticism, exile, deterritorialisation and wandering, from his readings by Edouard Glissant and Victor Segalen. Between real and fantasy, her many trips to West Africa are the occasion to project personal migrations in an attempt to put into exile of herself. The artist thus cultivates an exotic posture of wandering to write a geopoetic: a transitional geography, imaginary, fantastic. [...] Besides geography, knowledge of the world and of the Other also passes through objects. Carefully collected in the course of colonial expeditions to inventory and inventory the world and men, objects hold an important place in the artist's installations, which critically replays the ethnographic museum. The recurrence of the object in his work testifies to a sustained interest in craftsmanship, know-how and technical rigor. Sonia Recasens * Thanks to Patrice Brémond and Jean Ferrero for their loan of African cultural objects as part of this exhibition.


22 rue de Dijon - 06000 NICE
Tel: +33(0)9 50 55 16 50


15:00 to 19:00 from Wednesday to Saturday and by appointment.
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