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From 28 November 2017 To 12 January 2018
Exhibition by Vijay Soni


Born in 1980 in India in the state of Rajasthan, Vijay Soni is one of the descendants of a great line of miniaturist painters. Thus he was introduced to this art from an early age as everyone in the family. At age 13 he experimented with the technique of miniature which he enjoys practicing most of the time accompanied by classical Indian music. After exploring different styles of painting, he pursues his quest for excellence in the traditional miniature itself "pluri-styles": Mewar, Mogul, Bundi, Kota, Shekhavati, Pahadi, Kangda among many others. He was inspired by the traditional Indian culture that he was trying to merge with a pictorial contemporaneity. He continued his personal quest for the creation of unique works on different media such as hand-made antique paper, synthetic ivory, tracing paper, silk, cotton ... as well as on bones or on fine and semi-precious stones on which he favors the realization of portraits. The miniaturization of pictorial art requires the use of thinner squirrel brushes than human hair; thus obtaining a silky, precise, refined paint. Traditionally, vegetable and mineral pigments as well as gold and silver are used. For his most precious works, he himself carries out his colors by reducing the matter to dust before adding gum arabic and water. The Miniature is not only small and such a painting can of course be realized in large format, but it must not harm its delicate beauty. The ancestral art of miniature painting is still alive today and continues to be practiced and passed on for centuries and centuries.


8 bis rue Saint-Augustin - 06300 NICE
Tel: +33(0)4 93 80 34 12


  • Old Nice
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