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From 20 October 2017 To 21 January 2018
Drawings, sculptures, contribute to the realization of photographic prints enhanced with oil painting.


His works result from processes that draw on drawing, painting and sculpture, before giving rise to photographs close to the print. It is essentially a workshop work, where the subject, made from poor materials, is a pretext that arouses in the viewer a narrative that he elaborates from his own memory and his imagination. His way of seeing light and shapes is very personal and his processes of drawing, as much as the use of papers or special supports also make him an alchemist. The very special treatment of these photographic prints gives them a unique character and the whole of this production is entirely realized by the artist at all stages of its creation. His previous work on form produces a set of models, sometimes exposed, that resemble architectural, plant or anthropomorphic forms. These objects of troubling appearance constitute a mode of representation which can arouse in the spectator, the emergence of a very secret narrative and are so many points of crystallization of his archaic memory. Finally, the writing and presentation of these images, sometimes in the altarpiece mode, provoke, through the juxtaposition of works, a new sense of reading.


1 place Pierre Gautier - 06300 NICE
Tel: +33(0)4 97 13 42 20
Accessible PRM


  • Old Nice
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