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Saturday 10 March 2018
Émilie Jolie is a dreamy little girl. This musical tale, full of humor, songs, twists, tears and laughter, will find a happy ending ... Just like in real life.


When one evening her parents leave her alone in her room, Emilie takes fright. Starting one of her dreams, she imagines that the characters in her picture book call her. She will take refuge among them. But all these characters are not what she believed. They need Emilie more than she needs them. Enclosed in their pages, they seek the fairy who will come to relieve them. Song after song, Emilie finds the right words that will do them good. Arriving at the page of the Witch, who no longer wants to be evil, the game is tougher. How can she meet the prince charming who will make her a Princess? Accompanied by the Clock and in the company of the blue rabbits, Emilie must go through, page after page, her Great Book in search of the handsome prince. She follows the advice of the great bird: "Emilie, you must first turn all the pages of your life."


163 route du Mercantour - 06200 NICE
Tel: +33(0)4 92 29 31 29
Accessible PRM


14:00 and 17:00


  • West Nice
  • Nice Plaine du Var Est
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