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Saturday 20 October 2018
And three! Aldebert finds his big playground for the continuation of his childishness!


After the birth in 2008, a sequel in 2013, and a special issue, Childish Christmas, two years ago, this new episode is not the rule. Childish 3 is not an album designed only for children! It's also an album that we listen to as a family. And that's the strength of Aldebert's idea when he embarks on this adventure: "I feel like I've pushed the right door. I have a freedom in the young public song that I did not have before. The imagination is limitless, both in the themes and in the musical styles. Often the children's song is for little ones. Not to infantilize, but to awaken and propose an alternative young public song, such would be my course of action. " For Enfantillages 3, Aldebert, as from the beginning, wrote the songs in his corner, and with his team, launched ideas on those who could come to embody a character, because it is the idea of ​​the presence of invited in the album. In total, about forty artists, singers, comedians, comedians, have already played the game! This time again, you are not at the end of your surprises


163 route du Mercantour - 06200 NICE
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