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From 16 December 2017 To 25 February 2018
The Phoenix Park proposes from December 16, 2017 to February 25, 2018, an exhibition of photographs "Save the elephants of Africa" realized by association SEA.


The objective of this photographic exhibition is to raise awareness of this animal cause. The elephant is hunted for its ivory and suffers from lack of access to water. Important dangers weigh on this emblematic animal and on the inheritance of terrestrial biodiversity: disease, ivory trafficking, reduction of the natural habitat, problems of cohabitation with the local populations, environmental conditions, regional conflicts. There are 350,000 African elephants, in 10 years they will be gone. As Romain Gary said in "The Roots of Heaven": "Africa will lose when it loses elephants. How can we speak of progress, while we are still destroying the most beautiful and noble manifestations of life around us? ". The exhibition introduces us to the immense task of rescuing elephants by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Installed in Kenya on 4 centers whose land is rented to the state, 350 employees work daily through private funds and sponsorships. The Nairobi nursery sees more and more orphans arriving. In distress and traumatized, they are cared for by a single healer: the Keeper. Like a parent, he will sleep with the baby to reassure him and offer him bottles and cuddles, to soothe his fears, restore confidence and participate in its development. During the day, the flock of orphans is taken to the wilderness to meet wild elephants and former residents who have become self-reliant. The latter sometimes try to leave with the orphans. But the Keeper is watching and opposing it, because the elephants are not weaned, let them go at this stage would be to condemn them. From 2 years old, big elephants are taken to adult centers. This step consists in making the individuals autonomous in order to release them in their natural environment. The ex-orphans are sure to come back to the center, proud to introduce their new offspring to the Keeper, or sometimes to drive a sick person there.


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