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Saturday 24 March 2018
Sacred music from Italy and Germany in the 17th century - Contretenor: Michel Géraud - Organ: Charlotte Marck Viola da gamba: Sibylle Schuetz-Carrière.


In the 17th century, Italy reigned supreme over the heart of musical Europe. Musicians came from all over the country to learn from the great Italian masters. Favored by the artistic orders of patrician families and religious brotherhoods, the fascinating republic of Venice gradually became the cradle of an abundant musical creation in the heart of an intense bubbling and cultural radiance. By the effervescence of its musical creation, the Venetian republic then exceeded all other musical foci. The city of the Doges seduced by its fertile spirit, a bewitching mixture of virtuosity, inventiveness, passion and opulence of timbres and new sounds. Thus, the influence of Italian music was immense in all the different European courts. Gradually, a musical Europe emerged around a style of "mixed taste", aesthetics and musical forms very close on the whole of the old continent ... The Italian writing thus influenced the Germans towards the stylus fantasticus and figuralism with strong polyphony and chromaticism ... Works by G. P. Cima, G. Gabrieli, T. Merula, G. Cavazzoni, C. Monteverdi, A. Kühnel, D. Buxtehude, J. P. Sweelinck, J. A. Reincken, S. Scheidt, H. Scheideman


8 bis rue Saint-Augustin - 06300 NICE
Tel: +33(0)4 93 80 34 12




  • Old Nice
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