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The Mid Country

Not far from the shores of the Mediterranean, this area offers a haven of calm, freshness and serenity.

The villages, nestled in lush greenery or clinging to the cliff like eagle nests, invite the visitor to stroll through their charming streets.

He will discover a preserved heritage: old oil mills, facades, fountains, wash houses, and, at the turn of a chapel ... a panoramic view of the valleys, the sea or the mountains.

This unique setting, bathed in sunshine that exalts the colors, has seduced the greatest artists ... Following in their footsteps, in search of the works left in inheritance, will enchant art lovers.The surrounding countryside is the true paradise for sportsmen who will take hiking or biking trails, or cool off in the gorges for a canyoning descent. 

Towns and vilages in the Mid-Country

A small perched village, surrounded by hills and positioned in the midst of generous Mediteranean vegetation, with a superb unencumbered view over the plain of the Var.
To see: The still-functioning oil mill (in use since 1250, producing olive oil,...

Mairie - 1, place de la Mairie - 06670 CASTAGNIERS
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 05 11
This former farming village is today a pleasant residential village. The La Baronne district on the edge of the river Var forms a huge information technology, agronomy and horticultural research centre.
To see: Saint-Pierre de l'Assomption church...

Mairie - 6 rue Louis Michel Féraud - 06610 LA GAUDE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 24 47 26
With more than 300 days sun a year, Carros, a town with many facets located between the sea and the mountains.
Sowohl für einen mehrtägigen Aufenthalt als auch für einen Zwischenstopp wird Carros Ihrem Bedürfnis nach Bodenständigkeit und Ruhe in...

Office de Tourisme - 2 Carriero Fernand Barbary - Villa Fernand Barbary - 06510 CARROS
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 72 59
A road which sneaks around and winds, delicate silvery landscapes which offer themselves to an astounded gaze, scents and smells which intoxicate: a medallion placed in a green setting gilded by the sun …
Discover the heritage of this village, the...

Mairie - 11 Place de l'Eglise - 06670 SAINT-BLAISE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 79 72 93
Among its riches, its vales can be mentioned, housing exceptional geological and botanical reserves, complemented by waterfalls and aqueducts.
To see: the ruins of the Rocca Sparvierra site (an old 12th century village), the St Eurosie and St Michel...

Mairie de Duranus - Placette - 06670 DURANUS
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 03 15 63
Made up of several hamles - Les Cabanes, La Madone, La Sirole on the heights, La Manda in the plain of the Var - Colomars, a small residential village of recent construction, spreads across a crest overlooking the plain of the Var.
To see: the church...

Mairie de Colomars - 3 Rue Etienne Curti - 06670 COLOMARS
Tel.: +33(0)4 92 15 18 50
Perched on the Balcons d'Azur and just above the sea, the town of Vence, backed against the Baous, is an essential tourist site
Sights : the historic town and 11th-century Cathedral, Chapelle du Rosaire decorated by Matisse, Château de Villeneuve, a...

Office de Tourisme - Villa Alexandrine - Place Grand Jardin - 06140 VENCE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 58 06 38
20 kilometres from Nice, Levens is an upland village perched at a height of 600 metres that offers a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and the mountains.
To see: going from square to square, little square to little square, little paved street to...

Bureau d'Information Touristique - Maison du Portal - Place V. Masseglia - 06670 LEVENS
Tel.: +33(0)9 62 66 85 84
This mediaeval village has managed to retain all the charm of the old perched villages of yesteryear and the surrounding countryside planted with olive and fig trees. It offers very lovely viewpoints.
To see: The church of La Nativité (1624) with a...

Mairie de Falicon - 3 place Marcel Eusébi - 06950 FALICON
Old village which offers the discovery of pretty little mediaeval streets, little flower-bedecked squares and beautiful fountains.
To see: St Nicolas church (13th century), the Notre-Dame du Var chapel (15th century), the Masonic crosses, the...

Hôtel de Ville - 11 Rue Torrin et Grassi - 06510 GATTIÈRES
Tel.: +33(0)4 92 08 47 32
Perched like an eagle's nest in a superb mountainous décor, the village looks down on a huge panorama over the sea and the summits of the Parc du Mercantour.

Mairie - 15 place de la Libération - 06670 LA ROQUETTE-SUR-VAR
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 40 21
Aspremont is a special perched village where the houses have been built in a spiral, in circles around its beautiful Gothic church, forming a sort of crown at the summit of its hill.
To see: St Jaques Le Majeur church (13th and 16th centuries:...

Mairie - Av Caravadossi - 06790 ASPREMONT
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 00 01
Nestled at the foot of its Baou, the perched village of Saint-Jeannet has managed to remain authentic and offers a breathtaking view of the whole Côte d'Azur,
To see: the hiking trails leading to the ruins of the Castellet, the castellaras and the...

Service Culture Tourisme - Rue Sainte-Barbe - 06640 SAINT-JEANNET
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 24 73 83
Situated at a crossing of valleys, less than an hour from the ski resorts and around 30 minutes from the sea, Saint-Martin-du-Var is a recent community, along the left bank of the Var river.
To see: the brickworks and the 19th century parish church,...

Mairie - Place Alexis Maiffredi - 06670 SAINT-MARTIN-DU-VAR
Tel.: +33(0)4 92 08 21 50

Closed : Monday all day, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday all day,

Mairie - 1 Place du docteur René Morani - 06830 GILETTE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 57 19

Mairie de Tourrette-Levens - 70 place du Dr Paul Simon - 06690 TOURRETTE-LEVENS
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 91 00 16
This village, roosting on a rocky spur overlooking the confluence of the Var and the Estéron is overlooked by the mountain of Chiers. Le Broc has some charming little streets, bordered by old stone houses.
To see: St Marie Madeleine church (1563), St...

Mairie - 1 place de l'Hôtel de Ville - 06510 LE BROC
Tel.: +33(0)4 92 08 27 30
Perched on the peak, at the top of a steep slope on which the Utelle olive trees grow, the panoramic view of the peaks of Upper Vésubie is well worth the detour.
Sights : the mediaeval village, its original trompe-l’oeil façades, remarkable...

Mairie - Hameau Saint-Jean la Rivière - 06450 UTELLE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 03 17 01
A typical perched village of the Nice hinterland, clinging to the mountainous massif of Mont Vial, it was built lengthwise, like a dizzying belvedere it looks down from its sheer 300 metres.
To see: St Benoît church (1494), the St Hospice chapel, the...

Mairie - Place Maurice Scoffier - 06830 BONSON
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 08 58 39