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Festival des Jardins de la Côte d'Azur - 2021

From 03 April 2021 To 28 April 2021
The theme of the 3rd edition is "Artists' Gardens". The French Riviera Garden Festival will make you live a dreamlike experience, on the Mediterranean shores, along the perfumed paths of the French Riviera.

Dispositions spéciales Covid-19 :

Information not available to date, please contact the organizer directly for further details


Gardens have always inspired the greatest artists in the fields of literature, sculpture, painting, cinema and photography. The relationship between the artist and the garden takes many forms.

Some artists, who love their plants as much as they love their works, are passionate gardeners. Combining gardening and art, they transpose plants into their work and imbue their garden with their creative spirit. Fascinated by nature, they sometimes become landscape gardeners to recreate the landscape in their own image.

Others see the garden as a source of inspiration or meditation. The landscape gardener gives shapes, creates perspectives and allows the play of light and shade. By sublimating nature, he is in turn an artist. As much a painter for the sense of colours and shapes, as a poet for the dream, the fantasy and the imagination that he brings to his creation.

The artist's garden is meant to be an inspiring place, putting art at the centre of his creation.




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