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Angélique tested a cooking class at "Atelier Lacaille"

Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Saint Laurent du Var office.

December 2019


Atelier Lacaille in partnership with
Miele Center in Saint-Laurent-du-Var



Being of an average level, I have always wanted to try a cooking class. Today I did and what a class it was, it was fabulous!

I arrived early as always and was greeted by the store manager who accompanied me to the cloakroom. While waiting for the other participants, I was able to immerse myself in the workstation which was inside the store and visible to passers-by from outside. Bright space, jazzy background music, table set aside for the meal, I was ready!

Chef Lacaille comes to greet us, finishes installing the ingredients previously weighed and arranged on the work surface so as not to waste time.

After washing my hands and putting on the apron (which already makes me feel like a pro), everyone briefly introduces themselves, giving their level of cooking and the reason for their presence at the class. We discover together the recipe sheets.

On the menu: parsnip velouté and bacon cream as a starter, Milanese risotto and spinach accompanied by pan-fried scallops as a main course and a "log-style" caramelised pear biscuit for dessert. It makes my mouth water, a real festive menu!

Let's go! I started by making the log. Each speaker is called in turn to complete one step of the menu. At each step, I learned many tricks and above all corrected the mistakes we all made. I was commissioned to make the parsnip velouté (a vegetable that I had neither tasted nor cooked before) by learning the technique for cutting the vegetables. At the beginning of the cutting, I can't say it's obvious but at the 3rd vegetable, the gesture becomes more and more natural.

Once the different parts of the log are chilled and the parsnip velouté is ready, it's time to dress the starter.

We sit down at the table to taste the fruit of our labour. A real treat!

Then, I observed the assembly of the log before putting it back in the fridge. In the meantime, it's back to making the risotto. And there again, I learned a lot of tricks on how to cook rice, among other things. Prepare the dish and back to the table! In all objectivity, this scallop risotto is a marvel!

Finally, decorating the log and of course tasting it.

This meal was delicious from starter to dessert and I am proud of what I was able to accomplish in the kitchen! The menu is quite feasible and requires little equipment; the products selected are seasonal and mostly local; I can't wait to reproduce it at home!

To conclude, I strongly advise all cooking enthusiasts or novices to try this activity. I really had a great time. Thank you Chef for your hospitality and thank you Miele Center!

THE + :

  • Very good value for money
  • Head teacher (10 years with Alain Ducasse)
  • Seasonal and quality products



  • 6 to 10 adults
  • 3 hours at 85€ or 4 hours at 100€.
  • Elaboration of a complete menu (starter, main course, dessert)
  • Tasting of the cooked dishes, accompanied by a glass of wine and coffee
  • Free apron