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Monuments and churches

Nice is distinguished by a wide variety of architectural styles, originating from different periods.

Over the centuries of its somewhat turbulent history, Nice has retained the imprint of each age ...

What we now refer to as the Old City represented until the 18th century the entire urban area.  With its Baroque-style palaces and churches, colourful facades and narrow streets, the old city is now part of a heritage preservation scheme. 

Monuments and churches

La Place Rossetti
Old Nice
Ochre façades, fountains, flower-decked balconies, baroque cathedral and café terraces contribute to the life of this bustling square, one of the most picturesque in Old Nice.

- 06300 NICE
La Place Ile-de-Beaute
Port / Acropolis / East Nice
Aligned symmetrically on either side of the church of Notre- Dame du Port (Church of the Immaculate Conception), the buildings and houses on the square form an exemplary complex in the Neoclassical style.
Also called ‘Place du Port’, its harbour...

- 06300 NICE
Quai Rauba Capeu
Nice-Sea side
At the foot of the Castle Hill, Promenade des Anglais becomes Quai des États-Unis along the old town, then Rauba Capeu, which offers one of the finest vistas on the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful blue and ochre nuances along Promenade des...

Côté Est de la Promenade des Anglais - 06300 NICE
Les Ponchettes
Nice-Sea side
Between Cours Saleya and the Sea, this row of buildings includes two 19th-century vaulted halls, now converted into municipal galleries, which host many exhibitions with a definite predilection for contemporary art.
They host many exhibitions with a...

Promenade des Anglais - Cours Saleya - 06300 NICE
Cimetière du Château
Old Nice
The people buried in the Château cemetery come from a variety of social backgrounds. They are both the small people of Old Nice but also the town's notables and foreigners from the town's many communities.

Allée François Aragon - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 85 68 10
Eglise Notre Dame du Port
Port / Acropolis / East Nice

Declared a historical monument in 1991, the Church of Our Lady of the Port was built between 1840 and 1853. The façade of this neoclassical building includes 4 monumental columns which, despite their late addition in 1893, are in perfect harmony...

Place Ile de Beauté - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 89 53 05
Sanctuaire du Sacré Coeur

22 rue de France - 06000 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 87 38 67
La Promenade des Anglais
Nice-Sea side
Nice owes this route its international standing!
This famous seaside road is always elegantly decorated with flowers and follows the harmonious curve of Baie des Anges. Originally a footpath no more than 6 feet wide, it was widened by an Englishman,...

- 06000 NICE
La Place Saint-Francois
Old Nice
Of the former Franciscan convent, all that remains is a small part of the cloister.
The recently restored bell tower (Tour de l’Horloge) dominating the lively square where the fish market is held every morning (except Monday) around the dolphins’...

- 06300 NICE
Le Negresco
Nice-Sea side
Built on the shores of the famous Baie des Anges in 1912 by Niermans for the Romanian Henri Negresco, this Belle-Époque landmark is the only museum and luxury hotel in Nice.
A listed historic building since 2003, it houses collections retracing five...

37 Promenade des Anglais - 06000 NICE
La Tour Saint-Francois
Old Nice
The Tour Saint-François, 42 m high, dominates Nice and provides a breathtaking 360° view over the city.
Historic monument. Ticket sales on-site (reservation not required). No guided visits. Before enjoying the beautiful view, you have to swallow a...

Closed : Monday all day, Tuesday all day, Sunday all day,

2 ruelle Saint-André - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)497132638
La Place Masséna
City center
Built in the 1840s, Place Masséna remains the jewel of Nice.
On the north side, elegant arcaded buildings are painted with the famous Pompeian red and to the East, there is a splendid perspective on the hills with their Tuscan charm. The square was...

- 06000 NICE
Le Port
Port / Acropolis / East Nice
Located in the heart of the city, the Port of Nice comprises 7ha of docks and a dozen wharfs, six for commercial activity.
The Port of Nice, surrounded by 18th-century buildings in the Genoese style, is actually named Port Lympia. The architectural...

Quai Amiral Infernet - CCINCA - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 217 217
Cours Saleya
Old Nice
Built on the ramparts dismantled in the early 18th century, Cours Saleya, a pedestrian area in the heart of Old Nice, has become a picturesque part of the city, a must for tourist and locals alike.
In this rectilinear baroque ochre setting, the flower...

Rue Saint-François de Paule - 06300 NICE
Palais Lascaris
Old Nice
An exceptional example of civil baroque architecture, the Palais Lascaris is a recognised Musée de France, devoted to the art and music of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Residence of the Lascaris-Vintimille family, this palace, a registered historic...

Closed : Tuesday all day,

15 rue Droite - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 62 72 40
Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Patriarcat de Moscou
Railway station
Classified as a historic building, this cathedral is the largest edifice of this type outside Russia.
Inspired by the Muscovite style, it has a very richly decorated interior with many icons, murals and carved woodwork as well as an iconostasis of...

Av Nicolas II - Bd Tzarévitch - 06000 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)9 81 09 53 45
Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate
Old Nice
This church, which became a Cathedral in the 16th century, is the largest sanctuary in Old Nice.
Inspired by early Baroque architectural models from Rome, the structure has a basilical layout; with a triple nave and a transept. The decoration of the...

Place Rossetti - 06300 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 92 01 35
Basilique Notre-Dame
City center
The largest church in Nice and the first modern religious structure, the basilica of Notre-Dame was built after Nice became French (1864-1868).
Inspired by the Cathedral of Angers with its two square towers, it is adorned with 19th-century...

Av Jean Médecin - 06000 NICE
Tel.: +33(0)4 93 88 73 63
Le Palais de La Préfecture
Old Nice
The palace of the Dukes of Savoy in the 17th century, a hospital during the French Revolution and the Prefecture when Nice became French in 1860, this building has been renovated several times.
Today, after having had different functions, the Palais...

1 place du Palais de Justice (rue de la Préfecture) - 06300 NICE
La Tête Carrée
Port / Acropolis / East Nice
Devised by the sculptor Sacha Sosno, the ‘Square Head’ is the key symbol of the city’s contemporary architecture.
This 30 metres high and 14 metres wide monument-sculpture is not open to the public and houses the offices of the Louis Nucéra...

2 place Yves Klein - 06000 NICE