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Joëlle has tested the Lou Ferouil museum in Gilette

Executive Assistant - Marketing and Communication Departement - Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors bureau

March 2019



Tribute to trades of yesteryear and metal!

I had the opportunity to visit the Lou Ferouil Museum and I did not regret it!

From the road, even before entering the site, I am intrigued by the old yellow and black jalopy perched on the hillside and by the bi-plane plane that seems to be preparing for a new flight. The tone is set. I feel that I am going to see extraordinary things, witnesses of a bygone era.

Outside the museum, a lot of odds and ends colonize the garden: old cars, bikes, oil mills, presses of all kinds ... My eyes do not know where to look. I had planned only two hours for the visit. I understand that I need more to see everything.

I am greeted by the owner of the place, Pierre-Guy Martelly, master-blacksmith. Very quickly, I am under the charm of this passionate gentleman, who by his verve and good nature, reminds me of the actors in Pagnol's films. Meetings like these, we do not experience every day and when we have the chance, we enjoy these moments and we know that we will remember them for a very long time.

Pierre-Guy Martelly is a retired blacksmith, also an ornamental metalworker. He loved his job and he still loves it! For years, he has collected thousands of tools that he presents in his private museum. Many ancient trades are represented here and it is a challenge for me to find what this or that tool could be useful for ? Not always obvious ... Whether in shoemaking, mechanics, carpentry, wine trades, surgery and dentistry (Do not tell me they pulled teeth out with these pliers ??), the master of the place is generous with inexhaustible anecdotes. Time stopped just as I entered this museum. I do not want to leave. I want to see everything, listen, understand everything, photograph everything and especially come back ...

Monsieur Martelly is also an admirable artist. He has made beautiful metal musical instruments that have earned him several top-notch awards.

The Lou Ferouil Museum is much more than a museum! It is a witness of our history, a genuine introspection in our collective memory!

On October 20th, the museum will celebrate its 20th anniversary! If you go to Gilette or nearby, remember to stop at the Lou Ferouil Museum.

From this visit, young and old come out grown up!

Lou Ferouil Museum - 3250 rue de Gilette - 06830 Gilette -

Tel: +33 (4) 92 08 96 04

Open every day (Mondays and holidays on RV)

Adult price: 4 €
Child price: € 1.50