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Nice: a multi-faceted destination

The sun that shines 300 days a year, the breadth and wealth of the city's internationally-renowned history and culture, the shifting shimmer of its sea, its towering mountain peaks and astounding beauty, the warmth of its local accent or the dazzling lights that illuminate its nights: nobody knows exactly what lends Nice its unique light, yet all those who have set foot here retain the memory of a rare and precious moment in time, the memory of those who light the city from within, setting hearts alight and putting stars in visitors' eyes.  

The art of living

Down narrow little streets or squares, on sun-drenched beaches or in the shade of tree-lined parks...

... in the hustle and bustle of market squares, through gourmet dinners, terrace drinks or strolls along the port, visitors are overcome by a need to live in the moment,
an instinctive feeling that seizes and doesn't let go.

Carpe diem!

Welcome to Nice, the capital of the art of living. And if a few days just don't seem enough, feel free to return time and time again.

Cultural heritage

At the crossroads of currents and in a melting pot of cultures, Nice has been shining bright since before the Enlightenment.

Since the beginning of time, its unique light and spectacular beauty have inspired leading names in a range of fields, from architecture and painting to music and film. Nice's Old Town is living proof of this history as an ambassador of Sardinian architecture, dotted with castles and palaces in the purest of baroque tradition and home to a concentrated mass of museums and art galleries. But behind the scenes lies a whole different hidden life, a unique atmosphere that inspires authentic emotion.    

Around Nice

Beyond the city's walls lies the unexpected side of the Côte d’Azur, split between the open horizon of the sea and the dizzying heights of the mountains.

In this incredibly diverse natural environment, home to landscapes whose contrasts are heightened by the changing seasons, fishing ports rub shoulders with perched villages, marine reserves run alongside vast national parks and oil mills coexist with pottery studios and perfumeries. Keep going!

Here, every excursion is an adventure and the only limits are those set by your imagination.

Nice does freedom as it does everything else - without moderation.

Sports and activities

From the Mediterranean shore to the Mercantour national park's ski resorts, Nice is an open-air playground waiting to be explored.
Water sports and activities in Nice, franceWater sports and activities in Nice, france

Young or old, professional athletes or total beginners, culture vultures or outdoor enthusiasts with a penchant for water, land or air - there truly is something for everyone here. And if you fancy broadening your horizons, don't hold back. Under the balmy Nice sun, let your imagination lead the way, collecting experiences as you go, all year round.

Nice's buzz

In addition to Nice's Carnival and Jazz Festival, a host of international events take place here, totalling no fewer than two thousand cultural, festive or sporting events scattered throughout the year and bringing the city to life.

From the traditional to the resolutely cutting-edge, whether local or imported, all reflect Nice's passionate, radiant, enlightened and inspiring soul. Nice embodies the party spirit.