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Stéphanie tested the restaurant Lou Countea in Gilette

Stéphanie is a blogger (

Stéphanie was able to discover the Lou Countéa restaurant during a "Discovery of the Mid-Country" day organized by the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau in June 2019 for influencers.


Labeled restaurant "Cuisine Nissarde" in the village of Gilette (middle-country Nice).


After a visit of Gilette, make your way to Lou Countea in the village square. This is an opportunity to (re) discover local gastronomy.

When we enter Lou Countea, the precious label "Cuisine Nissarde" obtained in June 2019 is proudly displayed. It's a great reward for Chef Joël Laugier, who is committed to cooking dishes with respect for tradition.

Invited by the metropolitan cvb, I will have the chance to taste an assortment of the best specialties of the house.

As an aperitif, I try a few pieces of socca (a large pancake made with chickpea flour), just out of the oven. Socca is found everywhere in Nice, but it is not always so soft. A manufacturing secret maybe?

As a starter, I am brought a large appetizing plate. It presents several dishes typical of the region: panisse (fried with chickpea flour), stuffed small, fritter of zucchini flowers, and trucchia (kind of omelette with eggs). I loved the fritter that melts in the mouth, it's exquisite!

I already have a lot of appetite, but I'm still waiting to find out more. The chef offers three well-known dishes from the region: stewed ravioli, gnocchi and pelottons. My preference goes to the third, which I had never tasted in other Nice restaurants. Lighter than gnocchi, it is also tastier I think.

Moreover, Joël Laugier takes pleasure in telling the story of the balls: once, when there remained the preparation of chard in the kitchen but more pastry ravioli, it was the idea to develop these little gourmet bites.

Mixed with egg, cheese and rolled in flour, they cook like gnocchi. This Niçoise culinary specialty is a little ancestor of anti-waste tricks in fact!

For dessert, hard to resist the dessert of the moment: a peach infused with verbena accompanied by vanilla ice cream, pine nuts and nougat.

This refreshing cup finishes the meal in the best way possible: a very original combination of tastes that surprises the taste buds.

And to accompany the coffee, it is the traditional pie with the sweet beet which is in the honor, with the aniseed taste. Presented in the shape of a flower on the plate, it is as succulent as photogenic.

I thank Chef Joël Laugier and the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau for inviting me to share this delicious moment. Authentic and tasty food is all I love.


Restaurant Lou Countea
7 Boulevard du Dr Morani, 06830 Gilette
Tél : + 33 (0)4 93 73 97 50